Stelle Di Stelle Italian pop up, Harrods

‘Tis the season! And there’s no where that’ll get you in the spirit quite like the shimmering Harrods. It’s windows are adorned with bejeweled ballerina’s, twirling around in their very own snow filled ‘Land of Make Believe’, and it’s Christmas grotto is bursting at the seams with enough festive joy to keep you locked up until next September when tickets for entry go back on sale…

Harrods has made the run up to the big day even more exciting by hosting a pop-up featuring five of Italy’s finest restaurants, Stelle di Stelle. Nestled on the lower ground floor, somewhere between the luxury whisky and the fine port, is the former Frescobaldi restaurant, where chefs from these establishments are invited to serve their signature dishes to lucky customers in month long stints.

Together, these chefs hold a whopping 13 Michelin stars. Yes, 13! And I was lucky enough to eat at Annie Féolde’s residency, head chef of Ristorante Enoteco Pinchiorri in Florence, who is singly responsible for 3 of them. What a lady. Her food is creative and inventive but at the same time what you expect Italian cooking to be, honest and down to earth and always paying homage to the quality ingredients used.IMG_8358.JPG

IMG_8362.JPGFor starters was a perfectly poached egg topped with generous shavings of fresh, marbled Alba white truffle, followed by homemade fusilli pasta, artichokes, langoustine (or scampi in Italian) and a sprinkling of delicate liquorice powder. Finally, the pudding of ‘bread, chocolate, oil and salt’ was a clever take on a traditional childhood snack taken at tea time consisting of a molten chocolate bar, chocolate ganache and chocolate crumbs.IMG_8375.JPGI was at a special event to launch the residency sponsored by Acqua Panna, which recently celebrated its 450th anniversary and was awarded the prestigious Tuscan Taste logo – a seal created for 100% Tuscan products of excellence. But you can try the full menu all month long at Harrods for yourself, details here.


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