Pavilion, High Street Kensington

Workers of High Street Ken, put 30th May in your diaries. A new martini’s coming to town and you are going to love it.

20140529-160818.jpg Presented on a specially crafted wooden board are three spirits, all served straight up, each with its own carefully selected garnish. First, a smooth and clean Chase vodka (British, made with potato, don’t in any way let that put you off) with olives. Second, a deliciously soft Worship Street Whistling Stop Cream gin with slices of radish. And finally, a Sipsmith gin served with juicy fat capers and an edible flower with a taste likened to oysters. It’s simple and elegant and exactly how the remake of a classic should be.

And where to find this delightful tipple? Pavilion in Kensington, a new restaurant concept being overseen by chef Adam Simmonds whilst he continues to make plans for his first solo venture. His focus is on local and British produce, the quality of which shines through in each and every one of his restaurants dishes. There’s also a champagne bar and a deli counter serving over 50 meats and cheeses from the lovely Cannon & Cannon in Brixton and variety of homemade pastries, breads and jams. Pavilion opens officially on 30th May. 20140529-160807.jpg A starter of melt in the mouth pork belly, homemade black pudding and blackened pineapple is a combination I could eat again and again. But it doesn’t stop there. Those smokey, charred and rich ingredients which appear as a group to be too strong to tamper with are topped with chunks of Scottish langoustine so full of flavour that they hold their own and add yet another layer of sweetness to the dish.20140529-160756.jpg For mains, a delicate piece of poached halibut coated in truffle beurre blanc is on it’s own on the cusp of being too rich but it’s cleverly served with crunchy apple, celeriac and pickled onion which all cut through the earthy full flavours. Another absolute winner. To top everything off, there’s a really appealing desert menu with each dish named by it’s core ingredient, one Chocolate, one Apple, a Yoghurt and Strawberry to name a few. And then there’s Buttermilk, a creamy buttermilk mousse cased in what tasted like a crisp brandy snap, served with a slice of orange ‘pain perdu’ (French toast to you and me) and orange granité. A winning combination of textures and buttery, citrus flavours.20140529-160747.jpg The interior of Pavilion is absolutely stunning, the bar is very, very well stocked and the food delicious. There’s a new reason to head West.

I was a guest of Pavilion pre opening. Thanks to the team and to Purple PR for organising.


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