Cocktails in London

Me and my friend recently started a cocktail club, a bi-weekly meet up in a cocktail bar that neither of us have been to before where we spend the equivalent of our dinner money on a carefully crafted and more often than not beautiful cocktail. I think I already knew when I signed up to the arrangement that I in no way needed it as I find every excuse I can these days to squeeze a cocktail into my plans. Still, I was more than happy to oblige.

Here’s a round up of some of my most recent favourites with many more to come.

Royal Oak at The Bar with No Name
What looks like a classic glass of bubbles is actually a delicious blend of champagne, oak bitters and an incredibley nutty acorn liquer that altogether results in a smoky yet light long drink. It’s the ideal drink for a celebration so the kinda cocktail I’d like to have on Christmas morning.

Slap & pickle at Berners Tavern
This gin based cocktail takes you from the sweetness of apricot brandy, to a slap in the face kind of savoury from a sharp pickle brine and a healthy dose of lemon juice. It’s like a grown up version of the pickleback (a whisky shot followed by a shot of pickle brine) and the kinda cocktail I’d like to drink either side of a bowl of sticky ribs.

Naxi Classic at Coal Voalts
Champagne cognac, sugar and prosecco are all bought to life and made that little bit less sweet by a healthy dose of spicy black pepper and fresh grapefruit. It’s a delicate cocktail that I’d like to drink with the gals on a Friday night.

Marmalade martini at John Salt
Citrusy and refreshing, this fruity martini is laced with gin and exactly the kinda cocktail I’d like to drink with Sunday brunch.

Soho at Ceviche

Ceviche’s list of homemade pisco’s is extensive yet I always opt for the Soho which blends a lime chilli infused pisco with elderflower liquor, cucumber, lime, egg white and cracked black pepper. It’s fiery, creamy and refreshing all at the same time and the kinda cocktail I’d like to drink at the poolside.

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