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A Champagne Occasion- Moving house

I recently moved into a new house with 3 brand new Londoners and what better way to celebrate than by throwing a huge party! Me and my longstanding roommate (she makes number 5 in the new place) have got into great a habit when we have parties of toasting ourselves with bubbles before anyone else arrives. It’s our moment of quiet before the storm when we try to convince ourselves that people will definitely turn up and nothing will get broken. The former we’re normally ok with, the latter not so much.

We bought our new flatmates into this tradition at our moving in party courtesy of Waitrose who provided us with a delicious bottle of bubbles and a huge box of forrero rochers which all got gobbled up before any guests got through the door. To square things in the morning, they also sent us two lovely vanilla and oak candles and some great bunting which is taking pride of place in the lounge. If you have something to celebrate, head to your local Waitrose soon or look at their online store for inspiration.

Thanks to Waitrose for my lovely treats.

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