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Delicatezza, the online Italian pantry

I well and truly broke my January detox this week. And I feel like I did it in the best way possible, in a shameful overindulgence of toasted walnut bread with delicious creamy Burrata and heaps of freshly made pesto. Cheese! How I missed you. I’m so glad you’re back in my life and I promise never to give you up again. BurrataAnd I’ve got Delicatezza, the online Italian deli to thank for my official goodbye to my health kick. They  delivered the burrata to my doorstep on a rainy night last week along with a whole heap of other freshly made Italian goodies. As well as the cheese (which btw was a very reasonable £3.49 for two portions), they delivered some of the best fresh pasta I’ve eaten since last Summer when I spent every weekend gorging on the Cooking Cooks incredible fresh pappardelle.

Crab, lobster Their crab, lobster and prawn tortellinis with squid ink stripe were beautiful to look at, had firm delicious pasta and the most moorish creamy filling. Each piece was incredibly rich so I’d recommend 3 pieces a person for a starter so a portion of 9 (£14) was perfect for 3 people. I served mine really simply with a sauce of butter, white wine, chilli, lemon zest and shallots.

I had a second fresh pasta from their range, a bouncy parpadelle of really good quality and flavour which I paired with Polpette alla Pizzaiola, a rich Italian meatball sauce, made with beef and veal meatballs. The sauce was bursting with flavour but wasn’t quite big enough to  distribute over the two portions of parpadelle meaning I had to bring in see emergency passata. Ill order double next time to make sure it stretches.

As well as their fresh produce they have a pantry range with a variety of oils, truffles and antipasti including olives and artichokes and imported cheeses and dry pastas. My total order (the two pastas, a generous portion of pesto which I’ve been spreading on and stirring into everything since its arrival, the sauce, a jar of artichokes and the Burratas) came to £34 with free delivery and a gorgeous hessian bag, very reasonable considering I would’ve paid at least £11 in a restaurant for the seafood pasta alone.

With a bit if bulking out of cupboard goods and fresh breads the delivery easily could’ve fed four so cost wise its very much on par with any run of the mill takeaway but quality wise delivers so much more. With a next day delivery service too it’s really convenient.

Thanks to the Delicatezza team for my delicious treats- I’ll definately be ordering again.

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