Karpo, Kings Cross

Kings Cross for me used to be a place to waste time in pre a gig at Scala. I’d either grab a glass of wine at Camino or in the Summer, have a few pints on the roof of the Big Chill but never plan on eating out as the options weren’t great. There’s a few more reasons to linger and eat in the area now with KERB food market drawing the likes of the legendary Rib Man, Big Apple Hot Dogs and Anna Mae’s Mac & Cheese and Caravan and Grain Store bringing a whole heap of delicious dishes.

Karpo, the all day diner, is a solid addition to the King’s Cross area as it’s a bit more traditional in it’s offering. When Sarah, Laura and I went there for dinner, we managed to comfortably work our way through starters, mains and puds and between us we had some really great dishes.

20140104-184922.jpgTo start, I went for flame-grilled salmon, crisp oyster, cucumber and sorrel (£7) which was perfectly light and packed full of smokey and sweet flavour. The flame-grilling left the middle of the salmon raw, just how I like it and it let the quality of the salmon really shine through. Sarah’s scotch egg looked particularly tasty as did Laura’s delicate quail with squash.20140104-184937.jpg The best of the mains went to Laura who had Venison with cauliflower, cabbage and peppercorn sauce. The meat completely melted in the mouth and all of the sides were exactly the right, hearty and wintery compliments. The sides on my pork belly of little gem lettuce, hazelnut and apple (£14) weren’t quite as good and all together were a bit lack-lustre and overly sweet. The whole dish needed a bit more colour and a lot more crackling!20140104-184949.jpg We somehow had space for pudding and I’m so glad we did as the savoury Vacherine cheesecake with quince and walnuts (£6) was absolutely delicious. Despite the issues with my main, we all left on a great dish that I assume from the rate it was consumed, we’d all go back for. As I Londoner, I’m enjoying watching the landscape of Kings Cross change and eagerly await the next opening.

We were guests at Karpo.


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