Cooking with Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc

There’s a new wine on my wine rack that I’m refusing to let run out and that’s the delicious Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2013. My mum is an ambassador for New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc thanks to it’s zestiness and crisp grapefruit aroma’s and the Cloudy Bay 2013 released this October does not disappoint. It’s officially on the Christmas menu.

Cloudy Bay Sauvignon blanc 2013I had the pleasure of being introduced to Cloudy Bay at the inaugural ‘Cloudy Bay cook-off’, a celebration to launch the wine at which a host of food and wine bloggers were challenged to cook a paired dish in the professional kitchen of Fish Market near Liverpool Street. Following a tasting led by winemaker Nick Lane, we were shipped off to the iconic Borough Market to source our ingredients with support from Barry Macmillan, the Head Chef at the restaurant.

The wine is so fresh and full of ripe citrus that me and my partner in crime, Laura from Boo in London, went straight to spice and soon enough, we were listing our ingredients for a chilled bloody mary soup with oyster gratin followed by mussels in a spiced tomato sauce. Seafood was clearly a winning pair for the wine and it went delightfully with the other dishes including clams sauted in the sauvignon, served on a bed of crab and grapefruit risotto and pork loin also served with clams.20131102-111430.jpgFollowing our cooking, we got to taste the dish designed by Barry Macmillan especially for the wine, scallop ceviche with lemon thyme. The scallops were naturally very sweet so were a great marriage with the fragrant thyme and the citrus in the wine. This was followed by seared swordfish with paprika & black olive and finally an incredibly delicious and creamy iced nougat parfait with a honey tuille.20131102-111451.jpgI urge you to go out and buy a bottle, or if you’re a London dweller you can always head to the new Cloudy Bay Bar at Royal Albert Hall. Thanks so much for the team for inviting me to the event and to the wonderful chef who was exteremely patient with Laura and I when bearding our mussels!


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