An Edwardian Banquet with The King’s Ginger

Last week, I found myself back at the gorgeous Food at 52, this time to get to know Berry Bro’s The King’s Ginger. The golden, warming liquer was first made for King Edward VII to pep him up on cold morning rides on his horseless carriage and according to the website, it’s since been been enjoyed by ‘bon viveurs, sporting gentlemen and high spirited ladies’. I certainly was the latter when I left Food at 52 having fully embraced the indulgent Edwardian theme. The team at Food at 52 went all out to take recreate the merriment of a true banquet with King’s Ginger premium cocktails a-flowing and rich, earthy dishes in abundance.Ginger Each dish in the incredibly impressive spread incorporated the spiced liquer, demonstrating how well it can be used in the kitchen. It added warmth to a thick creamy split pea soup topped with smoked haddock and chives, sweetness and stickiness to slow cooked duck thighs with figs and red onion, citrus and zest to a Scottish Salmon en croute with beautiful flaky pastry, quails egg and caper pesto and a kick to flourless bitter chocolate fondant with valencia orange marmalade and raspberry.IMG_5598IMG_5606 To wash this all down was a fruity and fresh ‘Celebration Punch’ of King’s Ginger with cranberry, apple and champagne and a tart, refreshing ‘King’s Autumn Cobbler’ of King’s Ginger with pear cider, lemon and blackberries. I’d be more than happy to quaff on both cocktails again yet a clear winner around the table was the simplist and sweetest combination of cold white wine and King’s Ginger, a perfect post dinner tipple.Cocktail Thanks to the team at Food at 52 and Cutlass communication for a lovely evening and for introducting me to such a versatile and delicious cooking and cocktail ingredient. Check the King’s Ginger website here for recipes and stockists.


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