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Halloween treats from Konditor & Cook

Konditor & Cook, the legendary bespoke London bakery has many staple products that are widely known and loved. The rich dark chocolate curly whirly cake with its scarily moorish vanilla bean frosting has become a regular birthday treat for many Londoners, the boston brownie, generously studded with dark chocolate chips and tart cranberries has its own huge and very justified fan base and the mince pies (oh the mince pies!) are still in my eyes the best in London thanks to their melt in the mouth handmade pastry.

But what is so special about K&C for me is the seasonal products that poke at each theme in a fun, provocative and sometimes borderline but brilliantly rude way (anyone who’s eaten a ‘dodgy jammer’ at Valentines knows what I’m talking about!). As Autumn approaches, its Halloween time and K&C have again come up with top products that are spooky AND scrummy.

I had the pleasure of trying their 4 assorted cupcakes recently which for £12 (if you buy online), include two classic curly whirly cupcakes, one with a glittery ‘disco slug’ and one a date cockroach making themselves comfy in the frosting, one sweet pink raspberry and vanilla complete with marzipan maggot, and one moist black ginger with orange frosting and a long legged chocolate spider perched on top. The spiced ginger sponge came up trumps for me as it had a treacly density similar to that of the black velvet cupcake (flavoured with guiness and baileys) that’s made specially for St.Paddy’s day and is an absolute delight.Creepie Crawlie CupcakesI also tried the chocolate biscuit grave (£8), a chocolate biscuit cake fashioned into a grave riddling with marzipan maggots and topped with a gingerbread tombstone decorated with ‘R.I.P diets’. It was like a grown up rocky road and played perfectly on the sweet cherry, dark chocolate and nutty combination. I cracked it out after dinner and it was gone in minutes. R.I.P our diets indeed!

To check out the full range which also includes a classic magic box set, a maggoty brain cake and a classic pecan pie, pop into your local branch or if you’re stuck for time, order online.

K&C sent me the treats to sample.

Konditor & Cook on Urbanspoon

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