Licky Chop by Lucky Chip at Climpsons & Sons Arch

I recently read the Tweat Up post on the best things to eat in Hackney and on it alongside the lovely Cooking Cooks (who incidentally are my mates and make incredible pasta), is the Licky Chop by Lucky Chip residence at Climpsons & Sons archway. Settled behind London fields, the team at the archway have built a mahousive outdoor kitchen area for Licky chop’s chefs to barbeque, grill, roast or smoke an excellent selection of British meat and veges.

Outside is lovely with big round tables put together from reclaimed wood and small jars of wild flowers to pretty things up, and in the covered archway there’s a functioning roastery and a bar serving a selection of wines, cocktails and homemade lemonades. Everything on the menu is really appealing but on my visit, I stuck to the recommendation on the top 10 and went for a portion of Jerk Chicken served with sweet mango salsa and a hunk of fresh salad. Jay Rayner recently slated chicken as ‘the beige of the restaurant world’ but even the crispy smokey and gently spiced skin on this accomplished and fun dish defied that. The meat was even better and so moist that all of the salty juices ran into the chilli heavy salsa and made that extra moorish.20130829-071441.jpg

20130829-071454.jpgThe table next to us ordered 5 portions of onglet steak served with chimichurri sauce and at that point we knew we couldn’t leave without giving it a try. Served beautifully on a wooden board, the pink meat was melt in the mouth, wickedly salty and complimented perfectly by the fresh parsley in the chimichurri. We devoured it in minutes. A couple of cava’s later and we’d spent a reasonable £35 between us for a leisurely afternoon in the sun with delicious food. I spotted a lot of posters on site about collaborations and special events with really interesting sounding menu’s so check their twitter feed to keep up to speed. I know I’ll be back soon.




4 thoughts on “Licky Chop by Lucky Chip at Climpsons & Sons Arch

  1. How do I not know about this?! It’s just round the corner from me, and looks flipping amazing!
    Was there an inside space too? Would love to go, but I might need to wrap up warm now! X

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