Where to eat in Brixton- Negril, French and Grace, Lab-G

My excitement of being a Brixton resident is ever on the up with the more local eating I do. Since moving to London, I’ve never lived anywhere with as many restaurants on my doorstep that keep me and my friends debating about which one to head to. As well as these, the selection of delicatessens is so impressive and there’s a number of  regular events including markets, bake offs and pop ups that offer exciting cuisines from all around the globe. Recently I’ve tucked into Caribbean at Negril, Middle Eastern at French and Grace and ice cream at Lab G.

NegrilPlatter Negril has an outdoor eating area off Brixton Hill that you could wile away hours and hours in. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend trying to eat there in any less amount of time as the service is so painfully ‘relaxed’ that it takes an hour to get your order taken, an hour for the food to arrive and then by the time you’ve committed that much time, you may as well take an hour to eat it and mop up your left over (BYO) red stripes. The platters which are meant to serve 2 are enormous and can comfortably serve 4, my favourite being the Negril Platter which brings together spicy jerk chicken, the meatiest gravy, creamy coleslaw and sweet plantain amongst other small and spicy treats. The vege curries are also totally delicious and I’ve heard great things about the breakfasts served on the weekends.

French and Grace
20130528-073736.jpgFrench and Grace is a beautifully designed tiny outlet in Brixton Market where two friends serve up a selection of salads and wraps with a middle Eastern flavour. The story behind French and Grace is lovely- they began with a local supper club which evolved into a mobile kitchen that served diners on their special occasions and hungry dancers at music festivals across the UK. I was a little hungover when I visited in Brixton and was in need of something that sits between health and stodge. The ‘Uber Wrap’ of halloumi, spiced lamb sausage, homous and slaw pitched itself as exactly that but fell short in both size (it was over in about 6 bites) and unfortunately flavour (each ingredient lost itself to the next). It was nice to have a sit down in their joint, but for almost a tenner for the wrap and a drink I left feeling shortchanged and headed to Lab-g for more.

20130528-184634.jpgLab-G at unit 6 in Brixton Market serves deliciously creamy artisan ice cream that rivals any I’ve had on my family holidays to Tuscany. They sell an incredible salted caramel ice cream which I paired here with rich dark chocolate plus gorgeous looking fruit sorbets and some very interesting specials which change regularly. I’ve seen both beetroot and honey and peach ice tea ice creams, plus a lovely looking avocado sorbet. They bake a selection of homemade cakes and biscuits to serve with the ice creams too- what’s not to like?

Negril on Urbanspoon
French & Grace on Urbanspoon
Lab G (Laboratoria Artigianale del Buon Gelato) on Urbanspoon




3 thoughts on “Where to eat in Brixton- Negril, French and Grace, Lab-G

  1. Thanks for these recommendations. I’m in Hootananny every other weekend for the music and it would be great to start the evening with a great meal in Brixton. I am heading straight to Lab-G this weekend, that salted caramel ice cream sounds delicious.
    LOVE the blog wallpaper! And love the blog, it’s got enough information to tempt without being too much to overwhelm.
    I’m trying to trace your steps and sample these places that you write about. Is there like a Hannah favorites list on Urbanspoon that can be shared?

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