Bone Daddies Ramen Bar, Soho

Bone Daddies is a fun and friendly no-reservations ramen bar in Soho with a pumping rock and roll soundtrack. Friendly staff serve up a short menu of Japanese inspired ‘snack’s (starters), 8 or 9 ramens and ice cold Asahi both bottled and on tap to diners who’ve survived the unavoidable queue.Ribs Each and every starter on the menu appealed to me and my friend and if it wasn’t for the lure of the ramen, we would have probably ordered them all. Soft Shell Crab was lightly fried and daintily stacked on it’s side and served with a green sauce spiked with spicy chilli and ginger. The fried chicken rivalled any I’ve had in the city and was crisp, salty and tarted up with fresh lemon. Each morsel of meat on a portion of ox ribs fell easily off the bone and melted in the mouth into the sweet and sticky marinade. Soft and silky tuna Sashimi with soy and shiso was a refreshing balance to these heavier dishes and was presented beautifully on tiny skewers. Each dish was well thought out, refined and brilliantly executed.Sashimi Ready for ramen, we decided on one tonkotsu between two. The generous portion of milky broth looked so promising with it’s pretty drops of contrasting black mayu oil and thin slices of pork but the flavour was completely lacking and the soup was too thick and glutinous. It had no acidity to balance it out and if it wasn’t for the sharp, tangy pickles we ordered as a topping, I’m not sure we could have got through it.Pork ramen The total cost per head for all the starters in the land, 2 beers and half a ramen was £35. I felt comfortable paying that as we enjoyed the starters so much but thanks to the poor ramen, I won’t be rushing back.

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