Koasarn, Brixton Village

I always crave spicy food when the sun comes out and as London has slowly and almost surely been heating up, I’ve been gorging on some good, seriously hot Thai grub at Koasarn in Brixton Village. Koasarn offers a simple, familiar and great value menu. The restaurant is located on the corner of the entrance to the bustling Brixton Village in a spot that naturally catches the sun in the afternoon. It therefore attracts a bunch of trendy’s who mill about drinking beer and eating ice cream from Lab G (which incidentally is brilliant) so Koasarn benefits from a chilled, holiday vibe.Satay Me and my friends shared a selection of starters and a couple of mains, all of which turned up as and when they were ready. Satay Gai (chicken) was moist, heavy on the turmeric and deliciously nutty whilst Geaw Tod, deep fried filo parcels filled with chicken and prawn didn’t really do much, each parcel relied on the accompanying sweet chilli sauce to give it any flavour. Massaman Spring rolls were a great staple and mopped up some of the rich, coconut sauce from the lamb massaman curry in which each morsel of meat melted in the mouth. Yum Woonsen, a salad of glass noodles, shrimp, peanuts and mince pork was really refreshing and delicious and packed a punch thanks to the ridiculously hot chillis liberally thrown onto it. Noodle Salad The place is BYO so the the meal was an absolute bargain at £10 a head. The team won’t let you linger for long as they’re clearly far too aware that they have the ability to turn over a lot of covers. I don’t mind finishing my red stripe on the pavement with the trendy’s but others have written pretty scathing reviews about the service. Make your own mind up and visit soon.

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