Breakfasts around Old Street, London- Workshop Coffee Co, Shoreditch Grind and Ozone

Despite the dark and shiver inducing mornings, my friend and I are still meeting for pre work brekkies around Old Street tube station. Doing this is making me appreciate how lucky we are to both work in a part of London where independent coffee shops are thriving. This month, we indulged in the good stuff at Workshop Coffee Co, Shoreditch Grind and Ozone Coffee. Read my last round up of breakfast haunts here.

Workshop Coffee Co.
Workshop Coffee Co. on Clerkenwell Road is decked out with exposed brick, long wooden sharing tables and one hell of a roasting machine which fills the air with the rich scent of damn good and damn strong coffee. Coffee takes time to make here which is fine if it comes out as good as does, tasting strong and smooth and adorned with wonderful latte art. Apple Bircher Muesli, fresh strawberries, labna and pumpkin seeds (£5.50) tasted like the whole thing had been mixed into a jar of honey and was overly sweet although the labna, a thick greek style yoghurt was delicious and mellowed it out a little. Fruit salad with minted yoghurt and toasted granola (£7) was generously portioned and really refreshing. They also do lunch and dinner- check out the menu’s here.CW coffeeCW breakfast

Shoreditch Grind
Shoreditch Grind is a too cool for school coffee haunt on silicone roundabout. It always has an amazing soundtrack playing, a throng of hipster barristas and delicious coffee worth waiting for in the morning. They have a nice selection of pastries and muffins for brekkie, soups and salads for lunch and to round things off, cocktails at dinner time. I like them even more for having jugs of water filled with mint and cucumber that you can help yourself to whilst supping on your coffee. People often settle down for the day with their laptop so if you need a place to zone out and chill, this could be it.Shoreditch Grind

Ozone Coffee Roasters
Ozone Coffee is a gorgeous warehouse style space with a huge breakfast bar that sits parrallel to an open kitchen and coffee station. It’s cool and quirky and serves brilliant coffee, but the food really let the whole thing down. Scrambled eggs were overdone and the accompanying toast too burnt to cut. The side order of spinach I ordered arrived on my friends plate and consisted of about 6 spinach leaves that somehow had been burnt to a crisp. Alongside that, her boiled eggs were cooked to complete opposites, one overly runny and one totally overdone. We complained and the brekkie was comped, but there was no apology or explanation from the staff. With all of these competing coffee bars, I doubt I’ll be back.Ozone CoffeeOzone Eggs

Keep the recommendations coming!

Workshop Coffee Co-

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Shoreditch Grind-

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Ozone Coffee Roasters-

Ozone Coffee Roasters on Urbanspoon


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