Caravan, Kings Cross, London

I’m not entirely sure what I had for dinner at Caravan, Kings Cross. Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t a moan about the food being unmemorable, it’s an ode to the lovely atmosphere and great service that hooked me and a friend into grazing leisurely on a number of small plates, all selected by the waiter.

I’m not really sure how I got there either. I followed my instinct when I got to Kings Cross station and took all of the turnings I never normally take, hoping to find my way north onto Kings Boulevard. I lucked out and soon enough was meandering along the vast unfinished road past cranes and segregated building sites until I reached the beautiful Granary Building and its extremely pleasing water feature.

Inside the Granary Building is Caravan Kings Cross, the sister restaurant to Caravan on Exmouth Market, well known for it’s delicious and unique brunches (read one of my reviews here). The restaurant is huge, lowly lit and really buzzing thanks to the constant stream of guests that move from the bar onto the long wooden tables to dine. Like I said, uncharacteristically I didn’t read the menu, but it’s made up of a selection of breads, cheeses and meats, small plates, pizzas, large plates and puds. burratta croquettas We ended up with a pleasing selection of breads, cheeses and small plates. They all seemed to come when they were ready, at no rush and were a nice mix of the health giving and the slightly naughty. Memorable plates included soft, creamy burrata served with a punchy caponata, a portion of fresh and full green salad that came with crispy squash, mint and yoghurt, and some deliciously moorish sweet potato and chorizo croquettas that were salty, spicy and just the right amount of cheesy. gritsquail Grits with wild mushrooms were a bit bland and dull and I couldn’t taste any of the pecorino or truffle oil I’ve since been reading that they come with and the grilled quail dish with creamed corn was tasty although not really suited to sharing thanks to its delicacy and slightly meagre size.

We finished with a butterscotch caramel pot with salted shortbread which was a bit of a let down, the pot a bit too hard and lacking in the sweetness necessary to make the salt come through. It was also much too diddy for its £6 price tag. caramel pot The bill came to £70 for 2 including a bottle of delicious red. It was a bit more than we’d anticipated to spend on our planned pizza dinner (the waiter did well there) but I was more than happy to pay it and would do again, despite some of the niggles with the dishes. The night ended with a loud rendition of ‘pina colada’ and at that point, we weren’t sure if that was an invite to stay for a cheeky espresso martini or an opportunity to head home happy. We went for the latter, singing ‘and being caught in the rain’ all the way back to Kings Cross.Caravan Kings Cross on Urbanspoon


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