Quartier, Eight Members Club, London

The entrance of Quartier restaurant at Eight Members Club is reached via a shiny external glass lift that only stops at floors 0 and 8. It’s a cool, stylish and slick way to get into the club that gives you a little buzz before you’ve even walked in the door. Unfortunately, on my visit, that buzz didn’t last long. It was killed by an overly bright and very quiet restaurant that was unnecessarily formal and some fairly disappointing food. Interior

I tried the 5 course menu which sounded quite simple and seemed to focus on dishes based on classic combinations. However, each course had been played with too much and the result was a series of plates that were over-complicated and a bit mis-matched. Wild mushroom soup was flavourless and the Tomato, buffallo mozzarella, basil & rocket pesto was let down by the inexplicable choice to serve the cheese with a large grilled tomato, the kind you’d get on a fry up and a couple of dry roasted ones. The black mustard dressing that came with Beetroot cured salmon (that tasted nothing like beetroot) had a consistency like tar and the lump of Braised lamb that came with parsley mash for main was exactly that, a lump of dry salty meat. SoupTomato mozSalmonBraised lamb The menu had one redeeming feature and that was the pudding. Honey baked apples, toasted brioche, caramelised pistachios and cinnamon ice cream was not overly sweet and had some interesting textures that livened the dish up. It’s nothing I would go back for but I quite enjoyed it. Apple Groupon offered me a £50 voucher for this meal. It cost £25 a head for the 5 courses at it’s reduced price (50% off) including a glass of champagne. We also shared a bottle of wine (£26) and 12.5% service was added to the bill for the full price of the food and drink so we spent about £18 extra each on the night. Will I be back? The lift was fun but not that fun.

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