Breakfasts around Old Street- Salvation Jane, J&A Cafe, The Modern Pantry

A friend and I have started a wonderful new tradition of breakfasting before work on our respective pay days. It’s been a refreshing way to get to know the many cafes of both Old Street and Farringdon and despite the slightly early mornings, it really sets me up for the day. Here’s a selection of the first few places we’ve visited, my favourite so far being eggs (but not as you know them) at The Modern Pantry.

Salvation Jane
Takeaway breakfast at Salvation Jane has saved me on the few occasions that I’ve gone to work with a fuzzy head. They do a great mix of bready carb-heavy treats that ease the pain immediately but only temporarily, and beautiful fruit based dishes that slowly but surely bring you back to life. Eating in in the morning was quieter than I’d expected, but the friendly staff did their best to create an atmosphere and give us some early doors banter. I went for a latte which was smooth and strong and a portion of almond bircher muesli with cinnamon baked peaches (£5.90). The muesli was delicious, heavy on both the grated apple and crunchy hazelnuts, but the portion came with 1/2 a baked peach. 1/2 a peach?! It just wasn’t enough for a £6 breakfast. I will carry on getting their takeaways as these seem better value but will save eating there for a real treat.

J&A Cafe
The J&A cafe is so so pretty. It’s tucked down a little alleyway off Old Street and has a lovely brick courtyard clad with bunting and vintage chairs. Organic smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast (£8.50) just wasn’t up to scratch. The eggs were overcooked and dry, the bread a bit heavy (although they did say it was homemade, but still), there wasn’t enough salmon AND the coffee was also unmemorable. They have a nice wine list and I imagine a glass or two on a Summery evening would be a treat, but I doubt I’ll rush back for breakfast again.

The Modern Pantry
The Modern Pantry sits on St. John’s Square next to the wonderful Zetter Townhouse. It’s light, airy, friendly and has an inventive menu from which I struggled to make my breakfast choice as I wanted so many things. I started with a strong latte (with beautiful latte art) and went for a portion of tea smoked salmon with two poached eggs, English muffin and yuzu hollandaise (£8.80). The eggs were poached perfectly so that they oozed silky bright yolk into the citrussy and tangy yuzu hollondaise. It was on the expensive side but worth every penny.

Got any more tips? Let me know- long live the tradition!


8 thoughts on “Breakfasts around Old Street- Salvation Jane, J&A Cafe, The Modern Pantry

  1. Try Elite cafe ( the blue one) on Whitecross st. Amazing hangover bacon rolls cooked in front of you while you wait for the beer sweats to kick in.

  2. Oh dear, £8.50 for that much eggs and salmon is a bit ridiculous! On the other side of town I like Andersons and Co on Bellenden Road (very simple brekkie options though – pretty much just scrambled eggs on toast done with salmon or bacon options) and No. 67 at the South London Gallery (brilliant coffee, bit a bit stingy on the toast for my liking – one teeny slice of very hole-y, though delish, sourdough is not enough with a full breakfast! What do I dip in my egg?!)

  3. Very fair reviews; I love a glass of something fizzy on a hot summer day at J&A, but will now never drag myself out of bed to get their for breakfast! Have you tried the new Timber Yard, which is a few doors down from Look Mum No Hands? I don’t know about cooked food, but they do lovely traditional pastries (chelsea bun, etc) and very nice coffee! I’d also highly recommend Milk Bar by Soho or the french toast at Foxtrot and Ginger if you’re ever over that way.

    1. I have been to the Timberyard and absolutley loved it. That’s in my next brekkie post with Look Mum No Hands. Thanks for the other recommendations too- I’ll get brunching!

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