HIX at Tramshed, Shoreditch, London

Ever since trying a ‘Porn star martini’ (vanilla infused vodka, citrus & passionfruit served with a measure of Moet) in Hix’s Champagne bar, Selfridges, I’ve been doing my best to drink as many of of Mark Hix’s cocktails as financially and socially possible. The opportunity to sup on a ‘Twitter and Bisted’ (pink grapefruit mixed with Campari, sherry & sparkly wine) then get served a great hunk of steak without even having to move did it for me, so I booked into Tramshed for just that.I booked a couple of weeks in advance for 2, expecting reservations to be tight so was chuffed when a 6pm slot appeared free. Annoyingly though we arrived into a completely dead restaurant and it was us and about 4 other diners until 7.30/8 when it suddenly got packed. If you’ve read or seen anything about Tramshed before you’ll know it’s not averagely sized so with barely any other diners it felt a bit like it was just us and Damien Hurst’s cow and cockerel and the place lacked a bit of atmosphere.I liked the concept of the starters, and that is that you pay £7.95 a head for all three and that those three change frequently. We shared one persons’s portion and it was more than enough but nothing blew us away. A massive Yorhsire pud with horseradish mayo became a bit of a slog as the horseradish mayo lacked any kick and made the combination a bit bland. The crispy duck and blackcurrant salad was really tart to the point that I couldn’t really taste the meat and the Early Windsor Waldorf salad was good, creamy and fresh but a little bit dull.

Out of the choice of chicken or steak, we went for steak (500g for £40 between us). The charred sirloin and a classic Hix Fix (Morello cherries in Somerset eau de vie topped with prosecco) made things right again. The steak was full of flavour, really well cooked (nice and pink) and generously sized. It was served with really thin chips, lightly flavoured with thyme, and a choice of mustards. Simple and tasty.Overall I enjoyed my experience at The Tramshed but as the food was good and not excellent and the bill came to £50 a head, I don’t think I’ll rush back. Next time I’ll get off my butt between cocktail time and dinner time and head to Mark’s Bar Soho for a cocktail and then book myself into Hawksmoor for steak which is undeniably better all round.

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