Daisy Green’s Frozen Yoghurt, London

The pair behind Daisy Green’s are on a mission to provide Londoners with creamy and delicious frozen yoghurt (or fro-yo if you’re cool enough) topped with a variety of kitsch and quirky toppings. Dubbed as being a healthy alternative to ice cream, it lives up in both flavour and smooth texture yet is made up of just fresh, locally sourced milk, live cultures and a hint of natural cane sugar. 20120820-152207.jpg It remains a low calorie, guilt free alternative until you go and top it with caramelised bacon, flaked almonds and caramel sauce (£4 for a classic portion aptly named ‘Sweet and Salty’). Well who could resist that? A sweet and salty pud that hits the spot and fits in perfectly with the current trend of combining bacon with sweet treats led by Eat Like a Girl whose candied bacon fudge I am dying to try.
20120820-152303.jpg The ‘Elvis’ (Strawberries, wheatgerm & raspberry sauce) felt healthier thanks to the fresh fruit and nutty wheatgerm but the raspberry sauce brought it back to treat time reality thanks to its sugary kick. They also do some really tasty homemade brownies, but if you want to keep it super healthy you can have a cup for £2.50 without any toppings, or add blueberries, mango or flaked almonds for 60p a pop.

Daisy Greens are currently located at Cardinal Place, Victoria and One New Change, St.Pauls, from noon daily and also at Eat. St, Kings Cross, from 11am Tuesdays.


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