A very British Hamper from Forman & Field

So we are being told that the Summer is finally on its way. It has to be right? I’m so desperate for its warming pimms encouraging happy glow that I’m going to force myself to believe it. Maybe if I don’t check the weather forecast between now and Tuesday it really will hit 29c and if, no when it does, I’m going to take out my brand spanking new Forman & Field hamper lie in Hyde Park and eat all of my favourite treats from it.Forman & Field recently sent me a beautiful hamper to try filled with a selection of the British products they sell online. They pride themselves on sourcing goods from small, independent producers and that thought and effort really pays off. Diving into one of their hampers is a luxurious and indulgent experience, one I urge you to share for a very special (they are quite pricey) occasion or as a wedding gift.

The nicest part for me was the cheese from the wonderful and very British Neal’s yard dairy. Not only had I been really craving a cheeseboard but I loved that they had put in a mix of soft and hard cheeses (Stichelton, Innes Log, Berkswell and Ardrahan), some that were ideal for eating right there and then and some I could take home and use in cooking. For future reference, the Ardrahan is an incredible cheese, buttery and honey coloured but with a really pungent, pokey aroma.

The salmon was also up there with the best of the products. There were two generous packs, one Wild and one London Cure that were both absolutely scrummy. They do a really lovely Smoked Salmon and fizz hamper that I would be thrilled to receive as a gift (£34.95). A classic Mrs Kings Melton Mowbray (£4.95) went down a treat, as did a little pot of delicious lemon curd, a hunk of banana bread and a massive gooey chocolate brownie.Less popular was a packet of Hand Carved Alderton ham which was a bit too salty (£19.95) and the Potted lobster (£14.95), which was ok but was lacking in sweet lobster flavour. The Paul Wayne Gregory chocolates (£4.95 for 3) were clearly high quality but an odd selection of tea-infused flavours (lapsang souchong, Earl Grey, Jasmine). There is however a lovely range of other chocolates for sale online.

Overall, the hamper was fab and I loved that it had a selection of products that you could grab, go and eat out at a picnic and others that you can cook and play with at home as part of a bigger dinner or recipe. The wicker basket is also stunning- one to use again and again. They’ve got some great special hampers too that cater for a romantic dinner for two or breakfast in bed, perfect for birthdays or Valentines day. Delivery starts at £9.95.

Thanks to Forman & Field for letting my try such a lovely selection of products.


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