Brunch at Caravan, Exmouth Market, London

If you manage to do one thing on this bleak June Sunday, then make it brunch at Caravan. Right on the corner of Exmouth Market it’s a beacon of comfort, wafting rich warming coffee smells all the way down the street. Inside it’s all wooden table, airy space, large filament light bulbs and bright windows, and if you can snag a seat it’s a pleasure to while the morning away. They’re blooming brilliant at putting together a punchy Bloody Mary (£6.50)  and really good at pimping out dishes you’d make at home, pushing them way beyond the boundaries of what a Sunday morning hangover normally allows you to create.

They pimped out beans on toast by serving homemade chilli beans, a chunk of melted goats cheese and a runny fried egg (£9). I couldn’t resist the chorizo so added a side of the stuff for a slightly expensive but very worth it £4. Their french toast isn’t just french toast, it’s crispy eggy cornbread with salty bacon, peppery rocket, creamy avocado mush, a hint of paprika and sweet maple syrup (£9). The dish had that awesome American sweet/savoury balance, but still held a vaguely healthy feel as the greens slightly countered the syrup smothered bacon. If you do go make sure you have one of their coffees on the side, they roast the beans onsite and make a great brew.

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11 thoughts on “Brunch at Caravan, Exmouth Market, London

  1. YES I bloody love Caravan!! Their black pudding with apples and egg rocks my world and I love buttering my face with their crumpets mmm mmm! This is Hanna of Swedish Meatball btw, from my new bloggy Nordinary x

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