Tapas & Sherry at Capote y Toros, Kensington, London

On my visit to Capote y Toros, I got a little bit too involved in the sherry and forgot what variety I was drinking. When I tried to order another glass the lovely waiter picked it up, took one graceful sniff of it, and returned to my table with a full chilled glass of the same stuff. Pretty bloody impressive. In fact, Capote y Toros did many things on the night of my visit that sent me away gleeful and eager to return. Not only was the delicious sherry flowing and very affordable, but the tapas was delightful and plentiful. Plus we had our very own in-house entertainment, a slightly tipsy and totally charming Spanish guitarist who humoured me when I tried to congratulate him in my very limited español.

We visited on a Bank Holiday weekend which turns out is the right time to go if you want a table quick. We walked straight through the door and were one of two tables for the entire night, a complete contrast to a visit on a regular Saturday when I got told there was a 1 hour wait for a table. I think the latter is more common for this place and the other two restaurants under the same ownership; so always plan your visit.
Considering we made up half the crowd, we were able to peruse the menu and order at our leisure, sticking to the recommendation of 3 tapas per person. Garlic Prawns (£6) were juicy, sweet and served in an incredible garlic butter that we mopped up with freshly baked olive bread. Spanish Omelette (£6.50) was salty rich thanks to the top quality tuna and perked up with crispy fresh spring onions.Roasted Codfish in sobrasada chorizo crust with courgette carpaccio (£7.75) was tasty, although everything lacked a bit of seasoning. The fish was so delicate and flaky that it really needed some of the promised chorizo flavour but this under-delivered and the overriding flavour was olive oil. In contrast, I wish the White beans and Oxtail Stew (£6.50) had lasted for ever and ever, it was smokey, spicey and had a generous amount of melt in the mouth meat. We finished with one of the most interesting dishes of the night, Iberico Pork ‘Presa’ with chorizo puree (£7.50). Presa is the shoulder steak of the Pata Negro pig and in this dish it had been cooked to medium so that it was extremely tender. It wasn’t like the bright pink, flash fry that I’ve had at Jose or The Corner Room, but was still bursting with the same earthy rich flavour. It went brilliantly with the chorizo puree which although was gloopy like egg yolks in texture, was full of salty paprika heavy chorizo flavour.

One oozy Hot Chocolate Coulant (£6.90- basically a lighter version of a fondant) later and we were well and truly done. The bill came to just over £50 for almost three hours of brilliantly varied and top quality Spanish dining in a fun, relaxed and wonderfully staffed restaurant. With so much more on the menu and two other sister restaurants to try, I’ll definately be back.
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2 thoughts on “Tapas & Sherry at Capote y Toros, Kensington, London

  1. Hmm…not too far from my work so I really don’t have any excuse not to try it! I like the idea of the sobrassada crust on the cod and might try that at home.

    1. You really should- so delicious and friendly too. I would imagine you’d get the same experience at any of the ones on the same street.

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