Where to eat at Borough Market: AppleBee’s Cajun Fish Wrap

AppleBee’s in Borough Market is a wonderfully reliable fish-mongers who have both a fabulous fresh fish counter that makes your mouth water and a relaxed affordable restaurant that serves up its displayed seasonal produce.  On market days it has an open grill with staff serving hot fish wraps to those willing to wait in the ever growing and very smokey queue.

The wraps are sold for a round fiver and there are two choices: garlic prawn or cajun fish which on that day, had a mix of salmon, tuna and hake, plus the same prawns mixed in. It was all wrapped up in a standard flour tortilla wrap with fresh crunchy salad and a garnish of creme fraiche and sweet chilli sauce.

The fish was really fresh, especially the prawns which were not only huge but totally juicy. The cajun spices gave the whole thing a great kick and really complimented the sweet chilli sauce. It’s the perfect pit-stop lunch that will revive you and indulge you in the knowledge that you are eating something exceedingly fresh and of great quality, just as things should be in Borough.

The only thing to watch is the queue, I was waiting for about 25 minutes so if you have time to kill, great, but if you’re in a rush, it won’t do. They need another person to take orders and cash; with only two of them, they were trying to do it all. Find AppleBee’s at 5, Stoney Street. See below.

I’ll review another light bite from Borough next week so make sure to check into Crumpeats.

Applebee's Fish on Urbanspoon


4 thoughts on “Where to eat at Borough Market: AppleBee’s Cajun Fish Wrap

  1. When I worked near Borough market I used to get one of these practically every Friday. I love Applebees and buy pretty much all my fish there, but have never eaten in the restaurant. Something to rectify very soon I think!

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