Burger & Lobster, Mayfair, London

Burger & Lobster brings one question to everyones lips; Burger or Lobster? That’s the menu. Either a grass fed meat only no padding burger or a whole Canadian beast of a lobster served steamed, grilled or in a roll for £20. It was a simple answer for me and my boyfriend, lobster lobster lobster. Considering Burger & Lobster is a project launched by Goodman Steak Houses, undoubtedly the burgers were going to be good. But with brilliant burger joints (Lucky Chip, Meat-liquor, Hawksmoor) selling top class pattys for between £8 and £15, and Goodman themselves pitching their burgers in other outfits at £13, £20 is hard to justify, especially when they’re up against the adventure that is picking apart and gorging on an ENTIRE lobster.

And so it went. One steamed lobster, one grilled, the steamed being more moist and sweet, the grilled being slightly tougher but smokey and charred, and both being a treat and a half to devour. The accompanying garlic and lemon butter was deliciously garlicky but lacking in lemon, the chips were crispy but didn’t follow through with fluffly filling and went dry quite quickly, and the salad pot was ok, vinegary leaves with cherry tomatoes and peppers, it didn’t add much really. I would have expected more from the sides if I had had a burger, but with the lobster it was all about the main event.

The restaurant doesn’t take bookings, but on a Friday night at 7ish, we were seated by the window straight away. The decor isn’t as American-diner-like as I expected; I assume its Mayfair location had something to do with the fact it had to be more shiny and smart. Nonetheless, the friendly, well informed staff and the mixed bunch of diners who were wearing big plastic bibs and having fun pulling apart their lobsters created a warm casual atmosphere. We had a couple of draught Greenwich Meantime beers with our lobsters, and the total our meal for two (with service) was just over £50. Truly amazing value, and such a fun dining experience. I already cannot wait to go back.

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5 thoughts on “Burger & Lobster, Mayfair, London

  1. Great idea for casual dining london has been crying out. Was there many couples sharing ordering the burgers and sharing a lobster ???

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