Fish & Chips, Hanbury’s, Torquay

20120102-183024.jpgI’ve been going to Hanbury’s for Fish & Chip Friday dinners for as long as I can remember. There was nothing more exciting than finishing the week at school and heading to Babbacombe to queue outside the chippy with my mum, soaking up the smells and getting more and more excited with every step closer to the double doors which proudly bear the shop’s various awards. We’d take our bundle of warm salty vinegary goodness to the Downs and scoff every last chip and flaky morsel of fish whilst peering out to sea, the only downfall was having to defend each precious bite from hovering seagulls.20111228-172401.jpgHanbury’s is a family run business located on a little road by the sea in Torquay. They source all of the seafood they can from local Devonshire waters (King Scallops, Hake, Brill, John Dory) and the rest (Cod and Haddock) from sustainable fisheries. That effort can be tasted in every single bite, the cod is and has always been flaky, moist and soft in comparison to the crispy, golden batter and the chips are chip-shop perfection, chunky golden wedges of potato with a hint of crispness on the outside and fluffy white goodness on the inside. They’re also all different chippy shapes and sizes as there are no freezer bags here. At about £6 for a medium sized meal, £7.50 for a large, Hanbury’s is 100% definitely worth a visit if you ever find yourself in the English Riviera.


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