Noodles at NAM, Soho, London

It’s the time of year that every meal is over-indulgent, prepped in a way that retains as much juicy, rich flavour as possible. You keep that bit of fat on there, add just a little bit of bacon, a dollop of butter, a rind of cheese. Friends and I were recovering from eating our body-weight in Dorset blue the night before and found ourselves in Soho looking for something light to pep us up and expel our guilt (and hangovers). We ended up going for Vietnamese noodle soup in NAM on Dean Street, Soho.

The Tofu in my Tofu and veg noodle soup (£4.90) was nicely seasoned, although the serving could have been more generous, the noodles were silky and the mix of red onion, spinach and spring onions was fresh and health giving. I went for a beef broth which had a good level of flavour, but really perked up after adding lemon, chilli sauce and mint. The place isn’t too glamourous, but it’s a great pit-stop if you need something cheap, quick and healthy in Soho. Plus there’s no cheese platter or turkey in sight.

Nam on Urbanspoon


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