Lunch at Ramen Seto, Soho, London

Ramen Seto is a no frills noodle bar tucked away on Kingly Street, Soho. In strict contrast to its shiny glamourous neighbour, Liberty’s, it has the feel of a greasy spoon caff. With formica tables, soy stained menus, grubby walls and a fridge full of coke cans, the place is a familiar and warming pit stop that brings you back down to earth from the bustling streets of Central London. I went to Ramen Seto for a late lunch and the place was full with a nice mix of diners grabbing lunch on their own, office workers and groups of friends. .

From the start, the service was pretty shoddy. I arrived early and four different people asked me what I wanted to order before they gave it a rest and waited for my friend to arrive. Ironically, we then had to ask someone to come and take our order when we were ready and then there was a suspiciously long wait until our food arrived. We had a mix of dishes from different parts of the menus, one portion of 6 salmon seaweed rolls, 3 tempura prawns and a Gomoku Fried Noodle, fried noodles with veges and pork.

The tempura prawns were delicious, light, fresh and salty. I could have eaten a bigger portion of those alone for my lunch. The salmon rolls were ok,  brought to life by the healthy portion of punchy wasabi and pickled ginger. The fried noodles and pork was pretty average, the pork in some places fatty and the sauce thick and a bit tasteless. It all could have been better, but for £15 for a generous lunch for two, it did the job. Next time though, I think I’ll pay the extra and go back to Koya.

Ramen Seto on Urbanspoon


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