Elliot’s Cafe, Borough Market, London

Yesterday, I had brunch in the brand spanking new Elliot’s Cafe on Stoney Street, right next to Borough Market. I stroll past the cafe everday on my way to work at Konditor and Cook, just a few doors down, and over the past few weeks I’ve watched the cafe grow bit by bit. Decking out this beautiful premises looked like a lot of hard work, but the team were always so friendly, even though I’m sure they had bumps along the way like any new business. This attitude showed in their final product and in their approach to the first morning service yesterday, where there was a great buzz and excitement for the opening, and plenty of positivity about what’s to come.With an interior designed by Asif Khan the cafe is open and light, with an inspiring use of original features that makes the place feel warm and rustic. Walls have been stripped bare and brickwork exposed and market style stringed lighting plays on the cafes location. Morning papers were laid out on the beautiful and huge cast iron communal table creating a lovely, relaxed atmosphere.  At breakfast, the place felt bright, with little division between inside and out, but I can also really see the place working in the evenings, all candlelit and inviting.

We started with a ‘Coffee Flight’, a mix of all of the coffees they have on the menu, a nice and quirky idea necessary to make itself stand out from the infamous Monmouth Coffee a few doors down. Another huge selling point here is that they aim to source all of their products from Borough Market, a concept that opens many doors to freshness and variety that is really reflected in their menu. To eat, we had Ricotta and Tomatoes on homemade toast and a Bacon sarnie.

The tomatoes were soft, fresh and full of flavour. Subtle herbs and the creamy ricotta really set them off and the crunchy toast was a great texture contrast. The bacon sarnie was a real boys breakfast, thick salty bacon, top quality white lightly toasted bread and a pot of delicious homemade tomato ketchup (that in future they MUST sell by the bottle) that tasted like smoky, sweet chipoltes.

We finished it off, somewhat uneccessarily with a cinnamon bun, just because they were so simply and beautifully presented. They also had grapefruit and chocolate buns on offer. It was soft, not too sweet and completely unsticky making it light and fresh. The total bill came to just under £20 for 3 people,  a very reasonable brunch.

I spent the entirity of my breakfast grinning and ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the deliciousness of the simple yet brilliantly executed dishes. I cannot wait to try some of their lunch and dinner dishes which will in time, change daily. Here are a few of the options that were on the menu on Tuesday night:

– Sardines, Capers, Raisons and Almons (£7)

– Roast Chicken Leg, Chanterelles and Broad Beans (£10.50)

– Chargrilled lamb, Summer Squash and Yoghurt (£14.50)

The only thing missing from it was a purely vegetarian main course, there were only starters that you could combine to make a bigger meal. This may have been on a specials board or something to consider in future.

Elliots is open Monday-Friday for breakfast, lunch and dinner and Sunday for brunch. They don’t take reservations.02089800030.

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6 thoughts on “Elliot’s Cafe, Borough Market, London

  1. Oooh, looks lovely and love that they source as much as poss. from the market. Will have to pop in for brunch soon, and come say hi…didn’t know you worked in K&K there!!

  2. That made me very hungry this morning. I will pop in when in the area and to K&K to meet you! I didn’t know you work at K&K either. I use to work around the corner.

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