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Ice cream at Gelateria Danieli, Richmond, London

‘Crump’s Out’ is a new part of my blog that let’s you know about the treats I’m eating on the go!


Today I’m in Richmond, sitting in the park eating ice cream from the incredible ‘Gelateria Danieli’, a small Italian Ice cream parlour established in 2005.


I’ve just finished slurping down one of their very exclusive specials, a French cider sorbet, sweet, silky, light and tangy in cider flavour, I had to lick my stylish paper cup to make sure I had it all.


Mike’s just polished off two huge scoops in a crunchy sugar cone, one hazelnut and one pistachio. It was subtly flavoured, pleasantly grainy, rich and creamy. Delicious!


Get yourself there for a flavour of Italian summer as soon as you can.

Gelateria Danieli on Urbanspoon

16, Brewers Lane, Richmond, TW9 1HH

2 thoughts on “Ice cream at Gelateria Danieli, Richmond, London

  1. Really glad you enjoyed it! Am working on some new flavours and will let you know when they are in. Thanks for the lovely review :-)

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