Portuguese Tarts at Canela, Covent Garden, London

This isn’t going to be a real blog post. It is simply an ode to the best Portuguese tart I have ever ever ever ever had the pleasure of eating. Not only did it look pretty, served on an oversized white plate dusted with cinnamon (canela in Portuguese), but it was utterly scrummy with warm underset and wobbly custard, subtly flavoured with vanilla and a flaky caramelly pastry that literally melted in the mouth.

Next time you’re on Carnaby street and struggling to break free from the monotonous world of Starbucks, Costa, Pret, etc etc etc pop into Canela for one of your own. It’s ideally washed down with a strong cappuccino or one of their rich fruity Portuguese red wines.


Canela on Urbanspoon


2 thoughts on “Portuguese Tarts at Canela, Covent Garden, London

    1. Thank you! You must visit here, we also had a banana and cinnamon cake which used spelt flour and so had a really interesting firm texture!Delicious! Enjoy, Hannah.

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