Stringray Globe, Hoxton, London

I am eternally grateful to the friend who introduced me to this place. You know who are are. Nestled in a back street off Columbia Road, the Stringray cafe looks like a travellers bar cum local pub. It’s only when you get a bit closer and spot the delicious looking pizza crusts on the plates of the brave souls who sit outside that you realise you’re here for the food. There’s a reason why people sit outside gets busy. The cafe itself only has about ten candle-lit tables, a curved small bar selling good beer on tap and a huge clay pizza oven where you can watch the breads, pizzas and calzone double in size and deliciousness.

Every pizza I’ve ever had here has been brilliant. They have thin crunchy and tasty bases, rich basily tomato sauce, stringy mozzarella, and a whole array of ingredients to plonk on top. You can choose one of the 15 or so predesigned pizzas or have it your way and design it from scratch. Being a creature of habit when it comes to pizza I always have something with aubergines, parma ham and artichokes. The parma ham is salty and silky smooth, the aubergines are chargrilled and the artichokes have some bite and are slighty vinegary. Smothered with the homemade chilli oil and its perfect. But my expensive pizza taste isn’t actually expensive here. That concoction only puts me back £6.10. And it’s too big to eat. With Staropramen at £2.90 per pint I cannot complain. Don’t miss out on this little gem but never forget to book.

109 Columbia Road
City of London E2 7RL
020 7613 1141

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One thought on “Stringray Globe, Hoxton, London

  1. I accept your eternal gratitude! though I can’t rightfully take ALL the credit – thanks to big sis P introduced me to the wonders all those years ago. Spread the Stringray love I say

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